Having problems with the tax authority could be a nightmare for anyone. We understand the situations through our extensive experiences in tax matters. The Australia Taxation Office now eagerly targets more taxpayers in the areas including offshore income and assets that once believed safe. However, for almost a decade, our team at Australian Tax Experts have successfully defended our clients’ tax matters in favour of our clients’ interests by rigorous legal analysis and negotiation skills with the ATO.

We are serious about tax no matter what the matter is. We are a team of tax experts in Australia.


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When you have tax matters small or serious, the consequence of ignoring could be beyond your initial estimate. In most cases of tax matters, the initial planning and following legal analysis are the critical points to minimise the damage. However, not many tax professionals in Australia have experience in this area especially in matters of serious non-compliance. This could result in you having to pay a huge amount of money as a fee with lengthy time periods with enormous anxiety, results are often disastrous. This kind of result usually comes with:

  1. Approaching the matter with numbers (accounting approach only) to calculate the amount of “tax payable” but neglecting the challengeable legal side;
  1. Approaching legal solutions only without having the right numbers for tax calculation. This could result in you having to engage other professionals apart from the legal team, and they may cause turbulence due to different approaches with each other at much higher costs.

Australian Tax Experts, as an independent professional consortium, however works as a team with highly experienced tax lawyers, tax advisers and tax accountants for your matter. From the starting point, we plan together for how to approach the matter with minimum damages (or sometimes no damages) for our clients. The trust comes with our success history. Meet our tax lawyer or tax accountant with minimum stress for your tax matter.



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Case 1 : Objection against Income Tax Assessed  

A client migrated from Singapore brought approximately $500,000 from the country after cancellation of  the account from the country’s social welfare fund (Central Provident Fund), and the amount was fully assessed as “taxable income”  by the ATO with the Commissioners view that the amount was withdrawn from a foreign based trust, hence it is an assessable income to the taxpayer. Our objection successfully argued against the Commissioner’s view followed by the amended assessment issued to the client, and the amount of tax was reduced to around $3000 from almost a quarter of million dollars. 

Case 2 : Remission of Penalties and General Interest Charges

A client with history of a medical symptom was charged a heavy penalty due to failure to attend his tax returns for number of years. With information gathered with the client, we successfully removed the whole penalty as well as the General Interest Charges imposed to her.

Case 3 : Voluntary Disclosure for Foreign Income 

A client with bank accounts and business structure in Hong Kong failed to declare the income earned there and the existence of the business structure  in Hong Kong. As the ATO has more power to access to these information from overseas including bank account details, the client came to our office to resolve his tax matter with minimum financial damages. With our submission to the Commissioner, the ATO was satisfied to accept the voluntary disclosure without imposing any penalties on our client.

Case 4 : ATO Audit for income tax deduction claims 

A client claimed tax deductions for her clothing and cosmetics expenditure for over a number of years, and the ATO audited the case. With the taxpayer failed to satisfactorily build her arguable position with proper substantiation, the Commissioner issued the amended assessments denying all her claims for the tax deduction. Our office submitted the objections for the assessments with legal arguments, and secured some deductions allowed for the client.

Case 5: Money received from overseas

A client who was investigated by the ATO for the money ($2 million dollars) she received from overseas was resolved by us with sufficient evidence presented, and our legal arguments supported to the ATO She originally engaged with a Sydney based law firm with the advice given from them. She spent the professional fee over $6,000 for the advice but without having any outcome. By the time the client approached our office, she was under immense pressure coming from the ATO. The matter was resolved within two weeks time with information we gathered from the client as well as the information we acquired through our network firm in Hong Kong for a company involving the money transfer.


Case 6: Tax audit for interest earned from overseas bank accounts

A client was under a tax review based on the information gathered by the ATO through AUSTRAC for the money held in overseas bank accounts. The original sum (over $10 million) was earned by a family while they were living in the overseas country but was held under the client’s name.  While the ATO is reviewing the case, the client left this country due to her ongoing medical treatments and stress coming from the matter. The matter was escalated to the audit by the ATO with mortgage assigned her son’s properties in Australia. Her son was also prevented to leave the country until the matter was resolved. The ATO assessed a tax plus heavy penalty over $3.5 million, and it soon became near $5 million due to General Interest Charges accumulated.

The matter was originally handled by a large accounting firm but without any progress made until the client moved to us. Over a year of time, we gathered the objective information and analysed the source of income and the owners of the money. We even travelled to the overseas country to interview our client. We also stopped the sale of Australian properties by the ATO by arranging a deposit.

Finally, with intense legal arguments with strong evidence supported, the matter was settled with the ATO at about $1 million. The mortgage on the properties is now released, and the client’s son is now able to travel outside Australia.

Case 7: Tax audit settled for a company  running multiple cafes

A Sydney based company that runs six cafés in Sydney CBD was under tax audit by the ATO from November 2016 as part of the ATO’s task force to tackle cash businesses. Despite the fact that the company’s account was relatively well maintained by a Chartered firm, the ATO was not convinced by the company’s MYOB,  and the ATO officers rather tried to build their own calculation of income using so-called the “indirect method”. Under the circumstances there is no sufficient information available to support the account, the application of this method is common to bring the sales figure after the calculation of the costs of goods sold with multiples applied for each sales item. Eventually, the ATO issued the position paper with $900,000 tax bill to the company including heavy penalties.

After engaging with the company and its director, our office finally settled with the ATO for the amount of $135,000 with convincing evidence of proper cost calculations followed by the near correct sales figures of the company. Our office also helped the company to implement better internal control system to minimise the audit risks.


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